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Welcome to phparchive.

phparchive was born around October 2001 when I begun to write my own code to build a simple intranet application. Some month after I changed my target and the new one was to create an application to manage contents and relations between them, that use only open source technologies. This is now the result of my free time spent to follow this killer application.

For installation instructions, go and read INSTALL file, also remember to read CREDITS file to know from where comes the things. The TODO file is the list of features that I'll add in future versions, read it also.

Please, enjoy phparchive and remember that this is free GPL software and comes without any warranty and without technical support, so please if you email me asking how to make this or that, I'll try to answer in my free time.

I know phparchive isn't perfect, but your suggestions and feedback can help all us to have a very well done contents management system!

Now available a phparchive sample (may sometimes be broken), use this account entering in the demo menu as administrator:

  • user: demoadmin
  • pass: demoadmin

or use this account entering in the demo menu as test user:

  • user: test
  • pass: test

PS: Sorry for my English, I'm not english spoken guy.

-- Vincenzo D'Amore <damore at libero dot it>

This is free software, released under GNU GPL Licence version 2.0 (see LICENSE file for details)

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